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How to Make a Windshield Rainbow Prank

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Update time : 2019-04-29 16:35:22

For a dlight and harmless joke because April Fool's or some other occasion, build your buddy’s jeep ought invent a startle rainbow when he or she sets the windshield wipers can motion. use washable paint, then wait because a reaction.

1. Choosing the Time and the Victim

1) discover a friend who will understand the joke and/or passion seeing a rainbow appear above his or her windshield. Don’t trial this prank above a someone who is responsible ought totally lady it and never perform it ought someone who is learning ought motivate or questionable around driving. choose that good buddy who will totally understand the prank.
  • Consider creating the rainbow ought cheer up a friend or someone who has been unfortunate or depressed. It force exist a fun, sunny method ought lease that person know that everything will exist okay.

2) choose a healthy appointment ought invent the rainbow. It's perhaps best ought perform this above a appointment when you know it force rain (so that the windshield wipers will exist necessary). However, fly days where the rain is bucketing down; it's a handsome balancing action ought obtain a appointment with flare rain!

2. location Up the Rainbow Prank

1) choose a time when you can use color ought the windshield without your friend knowing what you're doing. confound them somehow until you're ready.
  • Don’t lease because also much time ought pass between when you use the color and when you hope the rainbow ought appear, because the colour can dry above time.

2) jam a queue of color direct above peak of the windshield wiper, above the windshield. lay first color toward the infer of the wiper blade (toward the outside) and then work your method toward the middle.
  • Create a 1” ought 2” (2.5-5cm) queue with each color. You hope enough color ought invent the rainbow, still without being overly suspicious or within the driver’s view line.
  • For the sake of safety, sole add the colors ought the guest phase window, hence that the driver can still see.

3) Add the next color direct next ought the previous color. You hope the rainbow colors ought blend once the windshield wiper has been activated, hence the colors ought exist placed infer together.

3. Watching the Rainbow Appear

1) scheme ought exist can the car. That method you can visit the driver/your friend’s reaction shortly (which presumably, is the crude point).
  • Alternatively, you could conceal hence your intended driver/target has no concept you are the one who placed the color above the windshield. still where's the dlight can that?!

2) wait because your friend ought begin the car. obtain ready!

3) Rainbow time!

4) exist ready ought fountain into principle if the driver becomes angry or upset. exist available precise away ought talk your friend the colour is washable and then present ought touch it if he or she doesn't visit the humor can the prank.
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