By Bob Yu | 07 June 2021 | 0 Comments

YIJ Wheel Nut

The wheel nut is a special nut used to fix the outer wheel hub of the car. Because of the uncertainty of the car nut, there is no national standard for the car nut, but the general type is roughly the same as the ordinary hexagonal nut. There are also various types in the middle of M12-M42. Compared with ordinary hexagon nuts, hub nuts are generally thicker than hexagonal national standard nuts of the same specification, and they are generally fine-threaded. The thread pitch is also roughly 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm. The shape is the same as the hexagonal nut. Equilateral hexagon, but there will be a taper at one end of the nut, some of the taper will have a step inside to place the nylon washer for locking, and some sides have no step! And some hub nuts have a flange in the tapered part, and generally there is a flange on the outside, there will be a step inside to place the nylon washer, and the general hexagonal nut is tapered!

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