Marcopolo series

Bus Safety Hammer with Alarm Emergency Escape Tool Class Carbon Steel Window Punch Breaker with Long Handle

Item No.: YIJBUS8392
SIZE:  20*10*4.5CM
Product weight: 300g
Material: 40CR+ABS


This is an automotive safety tool for escaping your vehicle in case of emergency. A life saving tool that should be in every vehicle. When the doors are jammed and you have freed yourself from the bus, there is no time to loose when you are in danger and this tool will definitely save you time. The hammer is made of razor-sharp steel hammer that is able to break the window quickly.

- Color: Red
- Material: 40CR+ABS
- Size: 20*10*4.5CM
- Set you free from the danger by breaking the window quickly with razor-sharp Carbon Steel hammer
- With mounting bracket to hold. Install it where people can easily reach
- Easy removal from its holder when you need to use it
- The alarm will be triggered when the hammer is removed from the holder
- Suitable for trains, buses and trucks, ect.