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EV Charging Type 1 DC Charging Plug 16A 32A 60A DC Charging Socket 3.3KW 6.6KW 2000V AC 1min Type 2 Combo DC Connector 1 IEC 62196-3

Item No.: YIJ-EV-DCCP1001
EV Charging Plug  EV Charging Gun  EV Charging Connector
European plug / American standard plug / British standard plug / Australian standard plug 
DC Charging Plug 16A 32A 60A
EV Charging plug EV DC Charging Gun EV Charging Connector 
Type 1 DC Charging Plug 16A 32A 60A
European plug / American standard plug / British standard plug / Australian standard plug  

Performance indexes
1. Mechanical properties
Mechanical life: 10000 times
Insertion and separation force: ≤120N
2. Working environment
Temperature range: -40℃~+105℃
Temperature: 95% (at 40°C)
Pollution level: 2
Protection class: Disconnect IP54, plug IP55
3. Main material
Housing: Thermoplastic
Contact: Copper Alloy
Finish: Silver Plated
4. Electrical properties

The adhesive tape is twined neatly and beautifuily at each branch point: unique branch 
The interface size and product performance fully meet the requirements of the national standard GB /_ T20234-2011;
The protection considers the overall protection and the protection of the core contacts, and the protection level is higher than IP55;
There are no exposed screws and metal parts on the appearance, which greatly improves the safety of customers when using them;
High-current series and wiring harness assemblies are specially designed for automotive applications, especially hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles based on high-voltage and high-current designs;) High load capacity: for the high-current characteristics of electric vehicle power wiring harnesses, the use of Bada Powsok high-current jack technology of photoelectric patent technology, excellent current-carrying performance, long mechanical life, up to 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging;
The appearance is endowed with the connotation of material technology and streamline; the handle has a moderate diameter and is easy to use.
The cover of the DC charging socket adopts a damping spring cover, and the opening time of the cover opening angle is 95° ~ 100° ≥ 0.5s; it improves the grade of the product and reduces the risk of damage to the product due to collision;
After 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging, the contact resistance and temperature rise and flame retardant meet the requirements of national standards;
The contact parts are made of copper alloy and silver-plated; the handle shell and insulating plate are made of thermoplastic engineering plastics from internationally renowned companies, which can prevent plastic aging and cracking caused by long-term use to the greatest extent;
All materials of the connector are flame retardant and meet the requirements of RoHS environmental protection;
The charging gun that meets the customer's requirements can be flexibly customized according to the customer's situation.