Ball joint & Tie Rod End

Side Tie Rod Assembly Stabilizer Link 45460-39225 For Toyota Camry

Item No.: 45460-39225
The tie bar (stabilizer link) is connected to the left and right steering arms, one can synchronize the two wheels, and the two can adjust the front rake. It is also an important part to ensure the safe driving of vehicles.
The main materials are natural
Temperature Resistant
-40℃-80℃ degree
Ball pin pull-out force
Bigger than 20KN(2 Ton)
Rubber Hardness  
60-70 Shore Hardness
Ball pin extrusion force
Bigger than 15KN(1.5 Ton)
Grease resistance to low temperature
-40 degrees
Screw Thread Pull
Rubber  Material 
Chloroprene rubber
Steel Hardness
26-32HRC(Rockwell hardness)
Delivery Time      3~7 days for stock item, 15~35 days for mass production
Surface Treatment 
Black matt paint and electrophoresis
Heat Treatment 
phosphating at low temperature
Tensile Test  
Accordance with Industry Standard
Metal Material  
No. 45 steel (the main body didn't do quenching and tempering)
Unique Formula  
We design the rubber formula to match different requirements,
such as low temperature
Toyota Hiace I (1977-1984)                                                       
Toyota Hilux (1972-1978)  
Toyota Hilux Pickup(1983- )                                         
Toyota Camry (1986-1991)
Toyota Corolla(1983-2002)                                              
Toyota 4 Runner (1987-1996)